10-Day Menu For Two People

10-Day Menu For Two People

Breakfast Suggestions 

Mountain Gruel Cereal

raisins, honey, butter

rose hip, mint tea


Buckwheat Pancakes

honey, syrup, butter

fresh yarrow, red clover tea or raspberry leaf, wintergreen tea with lemon


Cold Morning Wheat Cereal

dates, walnuts

Hot Carob Milk


Brown Rice Flour Pancakes

maple syrup, butter

sassafras, sarsparilla tea with honey


Stewed Fruit over Granola or with

Hot Chapatis and peanut butter

mint tea


Soaked Cereal with Cashew Milk

Hot Carob Milk


Whole Wheat Soy Pancakes

maple syrup, peanut butter

alfalfa, rose hip, mint tea with lemon


Wheat Germ Cereal with

Seed Cereal Topping

fresh pennyroyal tea


Stewed Fruit


Mountain Gruel Cereal

powdered milk, wheat germ, dates, honey

and the long walk out.


Lunch Suggestions

High Protein Crackers

Polenta Cakes

Soybean Cakes

leftover pancakes


Miso Sesame Butter Spread

peanut butter

dry hot mustard

dried fruit


Popped Seeds or Toasted Soybeans

Peanut Butter Fudge, 1 Pound

Seed Date Fudge, 1/2 Pound


lemons for Lemonade

Five-Grain Soup

High Protein Almond Cookies

Fruit Leather


Supper Suggestions

Eggplant Parmesan

Creamy Tapioca Pudding

catnip tea


Plain Brown Rice with soy sauce

hot vegetable broth


Miso Soup


Seafood Curry over wheat-soy noodles

whole wheat Chapatis, butter

mint tea


Corn Bean Mush with cheese

6 High Protein Crackers

alfalfa, mint, lemon grass tea


Spinach Cheese Soup


Rose Hip Drink


Sesame Seed Patties with

Mushroom Gravy

Apple Crisp

mint tea


Garlic Broth with

Fish Dumplings OR

noodles and wild greens

Polenta Cakes

yarrow, red clover tea


Chili with cheese

Cornbread and butter

raspberry leaf, mint, comfrey tea


Miso Soup with buckwheat noodles and mountain sorrel

High Mountain Pie

pennyroyal tea

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