From the earth and the labors of our fellow beings, we take our food. Life preserving life. Life living. It comes to us whole and unprocessed, supplying nourishment for our bodies, minds and spirits, helping us to be strong, clear and alive. When we take away this nourishment, we become weak, dull and diseased. No life. But, there is healing to be found in the purity of nature: food, herbs and quiet times in the mountains and along rivers.

As we wander along mountain paths, seeking the freshness of wild places, cool air, shining light and silence, we need the nourishment of simple foods, in their natural form, as they come to us from the earth. We try to be deserving of it, and to not want more than our needs. Refined and devitalized foods are not part of our needs. Carrying along chocolate bars and prepackaged instant soup breaks the harmony that we seek with nature. Refining food not only takes away the nourishment that we need, but also puts unnecessary stress on our already over-burdened environment.

These pages are a guide to using whole natural foods while backpacking. They show you how to carry simple meals that offer nourishment, balance, low cost and good health. The foods are lightweight and long-lasting, and the recipes easily packed and prepared.

We are happy to be able to share these recipes with you and hope that they will be of help, and that you will enjoy expanding on them as you discover new possibilities.

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