22 – Secret Ground Signs (Tracking & Trailing For Kids)

You can use these secret ground signs to pass messages to your Contacts which only you and they will understand. First you must all agree what each of the signs means, and where each of you will leave your messages. You can also use them when you are laying a trail.

Make signs like these with bits of stick to tell your Contact where to collect messages. They could say ‘Behind the gate’ or ‘Under the mat’.

Secret Ground Signs 1

Here are some signs made with stones. Use them to leave warning messages such as ‘Avoid the Hideout’ or ‘You are being followed.’

Make these first signs with chalk on a flat stone to tell your Contact who the Opposition spies are.

Use these second set of signs to tell your Contact when to meet you. Draw a circle on a post, wall or flat stone, and add a small mark to show 12 o’clock. Then put in the hands to show the time.

Secret Ground Signs 2

Use signs like this third set to tell you Contact where to meet you. By using two signs you could leave a message such as ‘Meet me behind the church at six.’

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