16 – Catch the Spy game (tracking & trailing for kids)

This is an outdoors spying game for two teams. One team – the Spy Ring – is made up of Couriers plus a Spy. The other team are Spycatchers.

Each Courier tries to deliver a secret message (a rolled-up newspaper) to the Spy at a secret Rendezvous (ron-day-voo), and then protect him as he delivers the message to a Control spot.

Each Spycatcher tries to discover the secret Rendezvous by shadowing one of the Couriers. He then tries to arrest the Spy as the Spy carries all the messages to a Control Spot.

How to play the game:

1). Together, the teams choose starting points and two Control Spots – TIP: use a map and mark the spots. Chalk a large circle on the ground at each Control.

2). The Spy Ring meets secretly to choose a Rendezvous, and the Spy has a 3-minute start to get there. He chalks another circle at the Rendezvous. NOTE: The Spy is always safe when standing inside a chalk circle.

3). Then the couriers wave to the Spycatchers and make for the Rendezvous.

4.) The Spycatchers follow as secretly as possible, so as not to be arrested – touched by a Courier. If arrested, they must freeze until the Courier is out of sight.

5). The Spy stays at the Rendezvous until he has all the messages. The couriers can scout around to see which Control Spot might be the safest. Then, the Spy tries to get to one of the Control Spots, guarded by the Couriers.

6). If the Spy is arrested with his messages, the Spycatchers have won. If he reaches a Control Spot safely, the Spy Ring has won.

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