Menu Plans

Menu Plans

Here are 2 menu plans: one for an extensive 10-day trip, and one for the usual weekend or 3-day trip.

The 10-day menu is planned with higher protein meals toward the end when you will need the protein the most, after using a lot of energy.

The 3-day menu includes more fresh foods and weight per day, since it’s easier to carry relatively heavier loads per day on short trips.

Cook extra pancakes for breakfast and save leftovers for lunch. Plan some drinks ahead of time so they will be ready when you return from a hike.

The foods used here are all long-lasting, with the exception of the fresh fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. The fresh foods will usually last up to a week. To preserve cheese awhile longer for extensive trips or for food caches, wrap in cheesecloth, dip in melted wax, and let set. Butter will last for a couple of weeks if carried in a plastic container and stored in the shade.

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