14 – Shadow’s Kit (tracking & trailing for kids)

When you are out on a secret mission, trailing a Quarry, it is very important that he does not suspect what you are doing. It is best to wear ordinary clothes so you won’t be noticed in a crowd. But in case you are spotted, it is a good idea to have a quick disguise kit to change into. Keep it in a tote bag which you can put in your pocket afterwards.

Try carrying a different colored jersey or jacket with you, or putting on a hat or scarf so that you look a different shape from a distance. Remember to wear soft-soled shoes so that you can walk quietly and also run fast if you need to.

If you think your Quarry has spotted you, make a quick obvious change in your looks with your kit.

If you want an excuse to stop and spy, when your quarry stops, carry a newspaper, map, or comic. But be very careful. Lower it just enough to peep over the top, without staring obviously.

It may be useful to carry a notebook to keep a record of your Quarry’s movements and any suspicious activities. Or you may want to take down information such as car license plate numbers, train times, or descriptions. If you have a street map, you can mark the route your suspect takes, follow him without getting lost, and see where you can take short cuts.

Making a Spyscope

Tape two small handbag mirrors together on one side so they can be opened and closed like book pages. Make sure you can open and close them easily. Tear all but the first and last pages out of an old diary. Slip the taped mirrors between the pages, and glue one page to each side, to make the Spyscope.

Use the Spyscope to spy over your shoulder. Move it carefully to get the view you want.

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