15 – Shaking Off A Tail (tracking & trailing for kids)

Remember that Enemy Spies may try to shadow you too, so try to think about what they might do, and how you too could avoid being followed or “tailed.” 

-Use reflections in shop or car windows to see if you are being followed.

-To cross a street where you might be spotted, wait until you can be shielded by other people.

-Look for side streets with turnings in easy reach. Dodge into a side street when your tail’s view is blocked.

-Once you are out of sight of your tail, avoid long stretches of street until you are safely clear.

Planning a Route

If you want to keep your destination a secret, it is very important to plan your route carefully. Here are some useful tips:

-Do not approach your destination by a direct route. Use a zig-zag or roundabout path.

-Vary your route – do not go the same way every time.

-Do not walk fast – this may alert the Enemy. Stroll along looking at buildings and read notices as if you are out on a walk.

Turn-About Trick

Stop and gaze into a shop window. Often your tail will stop too. Then turn and walk towards him.

If your tail walks away, you can disappear down a side street while his back is turned.

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