13 – How to Shadow (tracking & trailing for kids)

When you are shadowing someone, follow them closely enough not to lose contact, but not so closely that you make them suspicious. Glance at them quickly from time to time, but don’t stare. Try looking up and down the street as though you are expecting a friend and quickly note where your Quarry is.

Be careful not to stop and start when your Quarry does  – he will be sure to notice. When he stops, walk on at the same pace, even if it means you have to pass him. Then make some excuse to stop and wait until he comes past, then you can begin to follow again.

Be prepared before you go out, with lots of different excuses for stopping. You must take care to vary your tactics because your Quarry will be sure to notice if you use the same excuse several times. Look at things in shop windows or ask someone for directions.

If there is a lot of traffic, walk to the edge of the pavement, and pretend to be waiting to cross the road. When your Quarry moves on, don’t follow him straightaway, but keep him in sight. If you suspect he is watching you in the reflection of a window, try the window check method below.

Window Check

If you can see your Quarry’s reflection in a window, it means he can see yours. To see if he is watching you, move so he cannot see your reflection. If he is suspicious, he will move to try and catch sight of you again.

Using Your Eyes

Good Spies learn to use their eyes without moving their heads. You can pretend to be focused on a newspaper or cell phone, and track your Quarry with your eyes only, without moving your head,


Keep a sharp look-out when your Quarry gets close to a corner. If you are not looking, he may be out of sight before you realize it. When you hurry after him, slow down again before you reach the corner. Saunter round it casually, if he really is a spy, he may be bluffing too.

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