Grab Bag

Carry the staples in one bag and the seasonings in another.
This is a simple and more flexible way of packaging food for cooking along the trail. Package the staples for each basic recipe in bags, leaving the vegetables and seasonings to go in separate small bags or plastic bottles, combining and creating as you go along. This way a few basic ingredients can offer a surprising variety of meals, and suit the mood and ambition of the cook. The variations are so broad that not only can they be used in each different meal, but they can cover several days of food without repetition. Try Mountain Gruel with raisins and honey for breakfast, and for supper the same Mountain Gruel made up with onions, herbs, and miso. The variations are endless – use your imagination and have fun. This way can also be of help when you are packing up in a hurry and want to plan your menu later.

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