Fruit Juice Concentrates

Most natural food stores have such a product available without added sugar (proportion of concentrate to water is usually 1 to 5, but some vary – it will say on bottle). They are a real treat and also help on winter expeditions to add a touch of fresh fruit flavor. To mention a few: red and black raspberry, blueberry, black currant, apricot, blackberry, peach, plum, grape, black cherry, cranberry, boysenberry.
We recommend rationing these drinks carefully, as the liquid concentrate adds up fast, weight-wise, and money-wise, but this is such a refreshing, sweet-tasting liquid, besides being a very good tonic drink, that we suggest you try a little bit for at least one hot afternoon. These drinks are also very good warm, for cold mornings and evenings. Children will love you for taking the trouble to pack it in.
For example, try this one from

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