Debris Hut

A Debris Hut is an easy to construct, highly viable shelter option.

A Debris Hut is constructed by placing a long Ridgepole at an angle above the ground, braced on forked sticks. Shorter Ribbing is added to the sides of the ridgepole, and a Lattice created by weaving smaller sticks into the ribbing.  Debris is then piled thickly atop the shelter to create insulation.

Ribbing should not extend above the ridgepole, in order to prevent rain from seeping through the debris. The lattice of smaller sticks creates a mesh that prevents debris from falling through the ribbing. A small door can be constructed from bent sticks at the upper end of the shelter.


-Use big sticks laid across the debris to prevent it from blowing away.

-Pack debris in all three corners. Place a rock or log, followed by a row of sticks, at the foot of the shelter.

-Change the bedding every day.

-Smudge the shelter with pine needles daily.

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