Caring for the Back Country

Thank you in advance for following our tips for caring for the back country!

• Carry out all plastic, tin cans, aluminum foil, and paper. Don’t leave anything behind but footprints.

• Discard cold dishwater and small organic leftovers under a bush or tree – not in the water, as any food or animal products will sink to the bottom, rot, and pollute. Carry out or bury orange or lemon peels and other things that take a long time to return to the earth.

• Use only biodegradable soap, such as liquid castile.

• Use white toilet paper instead of colored, as the dyes won’t biodegrade. Dig a deep hole and bury it, but please not near the water or trail.

• Use a stove. If you absolutely must have a fire, use existing fireplaces, and clean them up afterwards.

• Leave wrappers in your pocket, not on the trail.

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