Infections, Skin (minor)

Make a poultice of dried ground plantain or comfrey and warm water, cover infection, and put on a bandaid. If no herbs are available, make a compress with warm salt water (1 level teaspoon salt per cup of water) and apply. Change poultice every couple of hours or so, or if just using salt water, soak area 4 to 6 times a day, trying to bring infection to a “head.” If possible, drink tea of golden seal powder (1 cup 3 times a day) or take it in capsules (1 “00” capsule 3 times a day). When it comes to a “head”. sterilize knife (everyone should have a good sharp knife along) with flame or by boiling or with soap and water; make cut where head is large enough that you don’t have to squeeze hard (if you apply too much pressure, you’ll break down the wall around infection, and it might travel elsewhere); remove pus and treat as open wound.

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