6 – Stalking Walks and Crawls (tracking & trailing for kids)

When you are stalking an Enemy Spy, you must be very careful to avoid being seen. Make use of things that can hide you – like walls and bushes. These are called “cover”. Use the stalking approaches below when cover is scarce.

The Walk

In good cover, like trees, you can walk upright. But keep your arms still and your hands by your sides.

The Crouch

Near low cover, you may have to crouch to keep your head down. Hold your thighs to help keep you in the crouch position and stay balanced. Do not shuffle. Lift your feet off the ground with each step.

Feline Crawl

Do this crawl on your hands and knees, keeping your back flat and low. At each step lift your foot just clear of the ground. Do not drag them. Try to keep your head low and do not bob it up and down.

Flat Feline Crawl

Lie slightly sideways, one leg straight and the other bent so the inside of the knee touches the ground. Move by pressing on your forearms and bent knee to slightly raise your body and push it forwards.

Seal Crawl

Lie flat on your stomach with your legs together and straight, and your toes turned out to keep your heels low. Reach out, pull with your forearms and push with your toes to move forwards.

Using Cover

Do not walk along a ridge, walkway, bridge, or other place where you will be exposed by your silhouette – the dark shape and outline of yourself against a lighter background. When peering around a wall or tree, remember – one eye is enough. This hides the shape of your head.

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