4 – Stalker’s Kit and Clothing (tracking & trailing for kids)

When you go out stalking, always keep your hands free, and only carry the things you think you will really need in your pockets. Try to be prepared for all situations.

Don’t carry your kit in a bag or hang things round your neck. They might catch in bushes or fences and make a noise, or drag along the ground and get in your way if you have to crawl any distance. Instead, wear clothes with big pockets and keep everything in them.

Use your front pockets for flat things, such as a map, notebooks and your camouflage headband. Use your back pockets for more bulky things, such as a knife or flashlight. Then you will not lie on them if you have to crawl along on your stomach.

It is a good idea to take some rations with you in case you get hungry – a nuts and raisins trail mix is good. Keep them in a small plastic bag secured with a rubber band. 

Try to wear clothes that blend with your surroundings – dull drab colors are usually best. They should be old and tough for crawling in, but smooth enough not to catch in spiky bushes.

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