2 – Shadowing, Stalking, and Tracking (tracking & trailing for kids)

A Good Spy can follow their Quarry – the person they are following – through cities and the countryside without being noticed, changing their tactics depending on their environment. These are some of the main skills you will need to be a Good Spy.


In a town, you must be able to merge with the background so that your Quarry never notices you. You have to follow him at all times without appearing to watch him. This is called shadowing. There are lots of tricks to learn for this.

-be prepared with an excuse to stop. You can look at your phone or a newspaper, or look in shop windows.

-keep watch with a flick of your eyes. Don’t stare at your Quarry, just look every so often so that you keep them in your sight.

-wear clothes that don’t attract attention. Perhaps wear a hat or sunglasses .


When you are in the country, creep after your Quarry as you would follow a wild animal. Move quietly and stay hidden as much as possible. This is called stalking. Your stalking skills will help you to get close enough to watch wild creatures too. This is good practice.

-wear clothes that match your surroundings, usually greens or browns in the forest, or light browns in a desert environment.

-wear soft soled shoes, so you can walk quietly

-stick close to cover, things that hide you or blend with your shape, such as rocks and trees


If you lose sight of your Quarry, you will have to look for clues to find which way he has gone. Then you can follow them. This is called tracking.

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