18 – Trail Tips (Tracking & Trailing for Kids)

Remember – a good trail layer only leaves signs where they are really needed. Use them to show a change of direction, or where there is a choice of paths. If there is no path, leave signs about every 20 paces.

• The last person should always destroy the trail – in case the opposition finds it.

• Use chalk in towns. Make fairly small signs, on the ground or near the bottom of a wall.

• When you reach a crossing, leave a sign near the curb to show whether you turn or cross the road.

• Used matches make good signs too. Break or split them, so the burnt end points the way. Put them where they won’t be disturbed.

• Leave a sign to mark any change in direction.

• Try to put the signs at the side of your path, or in a sheltered place, so they will not be disturbed.

• Don’t leave more signs than are needed. It wastes time and attracts the wrong kind of attention.

• Remember-‘one pace’ means one ordinary walking step. Make sure all your followers know this.

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