11 – Covering Your Tracks (tracking & trailing for kids)

When you are out in the country, take care not to leave obvious tracks yourself, in case you too are being followed. You should be safe if you stick mainly to hard or stony ground, short grass or fallen leaves. But just in case your pursuer is an experienced tracker, here are some extra tricks that may hold him up and throw him off your track.

-Walk on the hard made-up part of roads, not along the soft edges, and try to avoid sandy paths.

-To cross a stream, find stepping stones. Do not get wet feet in case you leave damp footprints.

-Always look ahead and try to plan your route across safe ground – like a carpet of dead leaves in the woods.

-Step on bracken or big leaves to avoid making footprints in mud or sand. Remember to pick them up as you go.

-If you have to cross a patch of mud, try walking backwards to leave a false trail. (Be sure your tracks are not recognizable – no holes in your shoes).

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